Senior Living Testimonials

Get the story from the people who live it.

Sedgebrook residents love to share what it’s been like to live in this truly unique community.

Dick and Lila Fischl

Shared interactions enrich each day

“On our first visit, we didn’t want to leave.” The Fischls have their daughter to thank for suggesting Sedgebrook. Before their move, their social life had been dwindling — a problem for two such avid people persons, but at Sedgebrook, a problem no more. The Fischls now have friends in every building and activities every day. Dick, who never sang in public before, joined the Sedgebrook Singers and is now a featured soloist. He’s active in our veterans group and in the Squires Men’s Club, and harmonizes around the piano during Happy Hour. Both Dick and Lila took up bridge, and she joins other volunteers at a nearby school for autistic children. “There’s always someone who shares your interests,” says Dick. “People come here to live, not to retire. Look at me!”

Sandy S.

Like a cruise ship on land

“Once my dad was on board, the decision to move was easy. He loved that there were multiple apartment layouts available, which felt more like a home. The minute we saw his unit, we looked at each other and just knew it was the right one for him. The fact that he doesn’t worry about the upkeep of his home being isolated in bad weather is a comfort to us. He enjoys the food, and the people are friendly and welcoming (residents and staff alike). Sedgebrook is kept clean and the staff is ready to assist whenever needed. He has a social life with activities when desired, but can also be in the comfort of his own apartment when he wants. Sedgebrook is like a cruise ship on land…everything one would need is under one roof and available to the residents!”

Sharon R.

Felt like home

“The minute my family walked into Sedgebrook it felt like home. The caring and dedicated staff treat each and every resident like family. From the beautiful décor to the amazing amenities, we found no other place like it on the North Shore. The most important aspect of living at Sedgebrook is the peace of mind my family has now. We know my dad has the support and services he needs now, and will need in the future.”

Eleanor Greenberg

Everything you need is right here

“My husband and I both love it here. The single most outstanding thing about Sedgebrook is the wonderful people who live here. Everyone here is warm and friendly and there is always something to do. Everything you need is right here!”

Vicki S.

A new chapter

“After becoming recently widowed, our mom realized she wanted more opportunities in her living environment. We spent extensive time researching and visiting various independent living communities in the area before Mom chose Sedgebrook. From the start, Sedgebrook impressed us with what they had to offer. The property is well maintained in and out. The wooded grounds are lovely and spacious, providing a serene view from almost every window. The building connections to the main clubhouse provide easy access to the hub of activities and dining. The apartments are clean and updated, with a very comfortable layout. Now that Mom has moved in, she is taking advantage of the pool classes and regularly exercising. The opportunities for intellectual, social, and spiritual stimulation, as well entertainment are impressive. We are pleased to see Mom start a new chapter and are hopeful she will make connections as she continues to participate in the Sedgebrook community.”

June Grindel

Less worry, more fun

“There are so many things to do. I would recommend moving to a community like Sedgebrook when you’re still active and able to participate in all the activities. The single most outstanding thing about Sedgebrook is the staff. It’s so comforting to have EMTs and doctors on the premises for whenever you need them.”

Charlotte Wiedman

Living the good life

“I had lived 50 years in my home when my husband began to need help. I attended a luncheon and thought it was a good time to sign up. The residents and employees are so friendly – and there is just so much to do here. You should move to Sedgebrook when you want to start living the good life.”

Sue Pritzker

Fits my lifestyle

“The physical amenities, activities, warmth, and friendliness of staff and residents attracted me to Sedgebrook. I play bridge, enjoy the library and help deliver dinner to fellow residents. I chose a one-bedroom, one-bath residence with a patio, and it’s just what I need to fit my lifestyle.”

Diane DeSalvo

Lucky to live here

“Ernie and I fell in love with Sedgebrook when they first started building their campus – the personal health department really stood out as a benefit. Now Ernie is a resident at Radford Green, and I’m lucky that it’s only 300 feet between our doors. The staff are comforting and respectful, treating him with dignity. He receives the care I want for my Ernie.”

Mary Ankrom

Everyone is so helpful

“I wanted to move to a retirement community, and I’ve never regretted it. I love it here! The friendliness of the residents and helpfulness of the staff are outstanding. When I call a member of the staff for help, the last thing they say is, ‘Can I do anything else for you?’ Where else can you get that kind of response? Nowhere!”