Wellness for Seniors in Lincolnshire, IL

Empowering your pursuit of wellness in all its forms.

Sedgebrook residents swimming in pool

It has long been understood that wellness is about more than freedom from illness, and moreover, pursuing it should continue no matter your age. Not only can wellness enhance your health and improve your mood, but it can provide you with feelings of fulfillment, opportunities for socialization, and a sense of purpose and identity. To achieve this, it’s important to focus on holistic wellness.

True holistic wellness includes body, mind and spirit working in harmony to create a rich, active and fulfilling life. At Sedgebrook, our Health & Wellness Navigation Program™ handles health care logistics, contributes to longevity, enriches the resident experience, and focuses on the 8 dimensions of wellness.

These 8 dimensions of wellness consist of physical, intellectual, environmental, spiritual, vocational, social and emotional health, as well as health services. When focused on together, these aspects create a whole-person approach to health and well-being.

At Sedgebrook, we offer a wide variety of activities and amenities that empower you to remain in control of your life, enhance your fitness level, and maintain an overall sense of wellness.

Your Best Body: Physical Wellness for Seniors

Whether through delicious dining or opportunities for physical activity, our lifestyle aims to keep residents in the best shape possible. With a variety of nutritious dining options offered in our restaurants, we support residents in maintaining a healthy diet as they grow older.

Sedgebrook also provides a dynamic physical fitness program for residents along with life-enriching amenities to reduce the risk of chronic diseases, improve quality of life and physical health, and inspire healthy aging.

  • 24-hour fitness center with two personal trainers and group exercise classes
  • Aquatics center with an indoor pool, hot tub and group classes
  • Priority access to on-site physical and occupational therapy
  • Bike club, walking club, golf group
  • Walking paths and nature trails
  • Physical recreation activities, including tai chi, yoga, pingpong, water volleyball, water aerobics and more

Sedgebrook concierge physician services

Sedgebrook offers a full-service, on-site medical practice. Our full-time, board-certified primary care physician is experienced in meeting the health care needs of older adults. This private practice serves only Sedgebrook residents and offers:

  • Services Monday through Friday during business hours and on call 24/7
  • Convenient, on-site location
  • Same-day appointments
  • 30-minute appointment slots to ensure the doctor has time to answer your questions, discuss your care and develop a personal relationship with you
  • Care for acute needs as well as chronic conditions
  • Preventive screenings
  • Access to medical specialties, including podiatry, acupuncture, audiology, psychology and psychiatry

In addition to the medical practice, all members of Sedgebrook’s 24-hour security staff are registered emergency medical technicians. They’re trained to respond to emergency situations within minutes, so you’ll never be left waiting for an outside responder.


Your Best Mind: Activities for Seniors

Sedgebrook’s physical fitness programming isn’t the only way to enjoy health benefits while getting the exercise you need. We also offer a wide variety of intellectually stimulating activities, including educational classes, cultural excursions, events, games, committees, and affinity groups that provide ways to engage and explore new interests.

Plus, Sedgebrook is host to more than 90 clubs, including book club, bridge, billiards, and more, to meet residents’ varying interests, hobbies and passions!


Your Best Spirit: No Matter Your Faith

Staying healthy doesn’t always mean doing muscle-strengthening activities or challenging your mind. Sometimes, it means focusing on your mental health and connecting with your faith.

Sedgebrook offers weekly services for people of many different faiths – Catholic Mass, Evangelical Christian Worship, Interfaith, Jewish Shabbat – and transportation to off-campus services. In addition, many residents participate in on-campus, faith-based groups, including:

  • Interfaith Council
  • Catholic Council
  • Jewish Council
  • Christian Faith Council
  • Men’s Bible Study
  • Women’s Bible Study
  • Rosary Prayer Group

Many of our residents also enjoy participating in a variety of volunteer opportunities. This includes the Community Outreach Group as well as partnerships with schools and youth organizations.

Learn more about the ways Sedgebrook empowers residents to stay active and well. Simply complete the form on this page, and we’ll contact you.