To Stay or Not to Stay?

Our homes are our sanctuary and our comfort zone… the place where memories were made, futures planned and dreams dreamt. Moving away from that special place is not only difficult, it can be downright emotional.

Because of that special attachment, it’s no surprise that the decision to make a future move is often delayed, sometimes indefinitely. So when is the right time? That’s a very personal question, and one that only you can answer. How you choose to answer depends on several different factors such as your current lifestyle, future goals, health, proximity to family, finances, etc. Unfortunately, many people wait until their health dictates their course of action, which usually results in someone else making the decisions on their behalf.

Think about it. Is this the decision you want to leave to another person, or would you rather maintain control over when and where you’ll eventually move?

Personal finances also have a strong influence over when a person will move. People often assume that staying their home is the money-saving alternative. Most times however, it’s not. As we grow older, so too do our homes. And, like us, the older our home gets, the more care is required to keep it functioning strong. Furthermore, there are increasing numbers of cosmetic enhancements that are necessary to keep our home looking fresh and healthy. That takes money, time, sweat and effort. Repair costs can run deep into the thousands and cosmetic changes can be equally, if not more expensive. At a certain point, the benefits of home ownership are outweighed by the time and money it takes to keep it running efficiently.

In addition to taking care of your home, you also need to think about the possibility of having to eventually modify the home for ease of movement and functionality. Modifications such as changes in flooring, plumbing, lighting, safety features, etc., can cost a homeowner thousands of dollars.

As you can imagine, finding and keeping good home health care is often difficult. However, the fees associated with home care can be very expensive, costing several thousands of dollars each month. And additionally, don’t forget about your home – it still needs a lot of TLC, even when you’re unable to give it. That TLC can carry a hefty price tag as well.

On June 29th, we invite you to join us for a presentation/discussion called, “Should I Stay or Not Stay?” We will dive deeper into this subject and offer alternatives and solutions for this very crucial and life-changing question. Brunch will be served starting at 10 a.m., with the presentation beginning at 10:30 a.m. Please Call to RSVP at 847.613.4248