6 Easy Woodworking Projects for Seniors

Woodworking projects for seniors at Sedgebrook Retirement Community

Whistle While You Whittle: Easy Woodworking Projects for Seniors

Did you know that creative activities and crafting are healthy for your brain? According to CNN Health, creative projects require several different areas of your brain involving memory, attention span, visuospatial processing and problem-solving. They’re a great way to keep your mind sharp as you age.

Woodworking is a creative skill that people find not only productive, but also rewarding. Even a simple woodworking project can become a useful household item, something that serves a purpose and gives you a sense of accomplishment whenever you see it. In fact, a Canadian study from Simon Fraser University found that woodworking is meditative and encourages confidence. In essence, it’s both productive and calming. As one of our Sedgebrook residents put it, “What’s nice about a woodshop is you can control the outcome. If a lot of things in your life are out of control, come down here and straighten it out.”

If you’re interested in giving it a try, here are some easy woodworking projects to get you started.

6 Woodworking Projects to Try

Serving Tray/Cutting Board

You could finish creating a cutting board or serving tray in one day and then use it all the time. Be sure to use water-resistant wood glue because this piece will probably have to be scrubbed a time or two.

Couch Sleeve

A couch sleeve is a surface that perches on the arm of your sofa and gives you a place to set a book, plate or beverage. So simple. So handy.

Bath Caddy

Give yourself (or a loved one) a place to put a book, loofa, washcloth or glass of wine while enjoying a soak. This caddy simply lays on the rim of the tub and creates a spa-like feel.

A Tablet or Cookbook Stand

Prop your reference materials upright and keep them visible for easy reading while you’re working. After you finish this project, you can even use it to help you with all your future woodworking projects.

Entryway Organizer

Keep your keys, wallet and sunglasses all together for easy entries and exits. This design even shows you how to add a fun little flowerpot.


We had to include a birdhouse — it’s the most iconic of all easy woodworking projects. If you have fond memories of high-school shop class or if you never got to take shop, why not try your hand at this classic project?

Other fun woodworking ideas:

  • Shoe rack
  • Step stool
  • Napkin holder
  • Lazy Susan
  • Set of coasters
  • Cake stand

We love all these simple woodworking projects for seniors because, in creating them, you’re not only exercising important cognitive functions — you’re building functional items you can enjoy in your everyday life. Or maybe some of these easy woodworking projects would make good gifts — who do you know who could use a bath caddy?

If you’d like to learn more about Sedgebrook’s woodworking and hobby shop, let us know on our contact form.