Moving into Sedgebrook: Your Step-by-Step Guide

You may have been hearing about all the recent buzz in the real estate market, especially for sellers. Homes have been selling at higher than market value due to an increase in demand and low inventory.

If you’re a senior who’s been thinking about making the move to your preferred retirement community, now’s the perfect time to sell your home and do so. Getting top value for your home will help you feel more confident and ready to start the next chapter in your life.

There are many benefits of senior living communities. We share what they are, along with our handy moving guide, below.

The benefits of senior living communities

Older adults at Sedgebrook are glad they moved here. Why? Because there are so many benefits to living a life with less stuff and more enjoyment. Our lifestyle includes:

  • Companionship – If you’re living by yourself at home, it can get lonely. At a senior living community, you’ll make new friends with residents and staff so you’ll always feel connected to others.
  • Home maintenance – Most communities offer weekly housekeeping services, plus indoor and outdoor maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about those chores.
  • Fitness classes and other wellness programs – Age gracefully with programs geared toward the physical and mental well-being of seniors.
  • Access to care services – Many communities provide higher levels of care on-site if needed, like assisted living, memory care, or rehabilitation.
  • Dining options – You won’t have to cook for yourself (unless you like to) or come up with new ideas to eat healthy when you reside at a senior living community.
  • Safety and security – You and your loved ones will feel more comfortable knowing trained professionals are always available to keep you safe.
  • Transportation – Scheduled transportation to doctor appointments or city attractions helps make outside experiences less stressful.
  • New opportunities – Enrich your mind and learn something new with different classes and programs.

At Sedgebrook, there are even more specific benefits of senior living that residents love:

  • A culture that welcomes people of all backgrounds and beliefs
  • A full-time gerontologist on-site
  • 24/7 on-site security staff who are all licensed EMTs

Your step-by-step guide to moving to senior living

Follow these step-by-step instructions, and your move to Sedgebrook’s senior community will be seamless.

  1. Commit to the idea of downsizing.
    Your new residence, whether it’s a one-, two- or three-bedroom floor plan, will likely not fit everything you have in your current home. Before you set an official moving date, start the process of determining which items in your home you’ll no longer need.
  1. Set a moving date.
    Marking an official moving date on the calendar will motivate you to get your house ready for sale and begin the actual process of downsizing. We recommend creating a moving checklist and giving yourself at least a 90-day window to accomplish the goals you have in mind.
  1. Host an estate or garage sale.
    Now that you’ve determined what you won’t take with you when you move to Sedgebrook, organize a garage sale with the help of your loved ones. There will always be objects of value that will be passed along to family and friends, so once those have been claimed, a garage sale is a great way to eliminate the clutter and make some extra money.
  1. Sort and transfer medications and prescriptions.
    Check in with your doctors and pharmacies before you move so you’ll have ample time to gather all necessary medications and receive prescriptions at your future home.
  1. Organize important documents.
    Wills, trusts, banking information, property deeds, and other important documents should be kept in an organized folder. Make your spouse, or any beneficiaries, aware of where they will be stored in your new residence.
  1. Get ready for moving day.
    The time has come to finally make the move to Sedgebrook. Many new residents use Sedgebrook’s moving program to take the hassle out of the process. Rest assured that when you arrive, our team will be excited to meet you and help in any way.

    Residents will also get a chance to work with our interior designer and move-in consultant, Joseph Jania. Joseph works with residents to take a blank space and turn it into their perfect home, along with other helpful services:

    “I help residents find real estate agents to sell their homes and offer services to declutter and downsize. Then, the design process starts. I’ll visit their current homes and go room-by-room to help them decide what to bring and how they’ll want their new space to look. Working alongside residents helps them feel more comfortable before moving in and they feel reassured for the future.” – Joseph
  1. Settle into your new home.
    You should feel proud of yourself. Moving isn’t easy, and neither is settling into a new normal, but at Sedgebrook, you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

    Once you’ve had enough time to make your new space feel like home, you can finally begin living worry-free at Sedgebrook. Endless opportunities await you.

Move in today and begin your worry-free future.

At Sedgebrook, we make the moving process easy and the living even easier. Find everything you need in the heart of Chicago’s North Shore – from active independent living to on-site assisted living memory care – and settle into a fulfilling lifestyle today. names Sedgebrook a 2024 Super Star Honoree names Sedgebrook a 2024 Super Star Honoree

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