How To Choose the Right Independent Living Floor Plan

Downsizing and moving into a senior living community is a great step toward living your best retirement lifestyle and providing a fresh start. Choosing the right independent living floor plan for you takes some time, but the benefits are definitely worth it, says Joseph Jania, interior designer and move-in coordinator at Sedgebrook.

“One of the things I do is help our future residents declutter their current homes and work with them to design their home here,” he explains. “Going through 40 years of memories is overwhelming, so I go to their home, and we walk room by room, choosing the items they want to bring to their new apartment.”

Joseph explains that one of the first things he does is tape pictures of the important items on the walls so that future residents can see where each of their most treasured items is going to live in their new space. “Seeing how those precious things are going to transition to Sedgebrook makes it, at this point, feel like home to them,” he says.

The benefits of downsizing to a senior living community

There are many benefits to downsizing to a senior living community. Senior living floor plans are designed to:

  • Help you age in place while also enjoying your current lifestyle
  • Provide a wide array of services and amenities designed to help you live an active, healthy life
  • Create a maintenance-free lifestyle – meaning you no longer have to worry about things like home repairs or unexpected expenses like a new water heater or roof
  • Offer multiple benefits like housekeeping and linen services – eliminating the need for a laundry room or storage for a slew of different cleaning products

What you can expect from independent living at Sedgebrook

Independent living at Sedgebrook is designed around you – providing the freedom to live the lifestyle you want now while also giving you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that, should your needs ever change, you’ll have priority access to any care you need. We offer:

All care is provided on our campus by our highly trained, award-winning care team. Radford Green Health Care and Rehabilitation even has a 5-star CMS rating, reassuring you that you’re among the best if support is ever needed.

JD Power awards

On a day-to-day basis, Segebrook makes life enjoyable and fun.

  • Dine in our community restaurants
  • Swim in our pool or relax in the hot tub
  • Head out with friends to shop or enjoy live entertainment
  • Play billiards in our game room
  • Enjoy our transportation service options
  • Attend a wellness or spiritual faith service, such as the Jewish Chabad service or Christian ministry
  • And more

Since your monthly service package covers almost all your costs of living, you can say goodbye to tasks and chores and hello to whatever you want to do.

Independent living floor plans: What’s right for you?

As you begin looking for senior living floor plans, here are some questions you can ask to help determine a floor plan that fits your lifestyle and square footage needs.

  1. How many bedrooms do you require? Do you need a dedicated spare bedroom for overnight guests, or could you convert an office to serve as that space if needed?
  2. What does the community offer that you can use to free up space for yourself? For example, if you want to host a dinner party, could you use a community space instead of having guests in your private apartment?
  3. How much storage space will you need? Downsizing before you begin planning your move will help you determine just how much space you actually will need to live your best possible life.

“It’s exciting to me to help our residents create a home that feels like home,” says Joseph. “When they finally arrive on move-in day, they enter a place where everything has already been unpacked, the beds have been made, and their toothbrushes are even already in their toothbrush holder.

“Seeing the sense of peace that comes over them … it makes me happy when I can tell they sense the new, exciting next chapter that awaits them.”

Featured Floor Plan: The Worthington

Which floor plan could be the best living space for you? Check out The Worthington, our two-bedroom, two-bathroom-with-den floor plan, or one of our other options today.

Begin your worry-free future in Lincolnshire, Illinois

Downsize to active, independent living at Sedgebrook and maximize your happiness. Find everything you need in the heart of Chicago’s North Shore – with endless opportunities to thrive. Learn more about our Life Plan Community today.

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