Get the Benefits of Walking for Seniors at Sedgebrook and Local Chicago Parks

Living in Lincolnshire, IL, Is a Walk in the Park

Sedgebrook is surrounded by some of the best parks in Lincolnshire, IL. Just ask our walking group! These parks are more than just picturesque green spaces. They provide unique activities and cultural opportunities. When our residents are not walking or biking on the walking paths of our 72 acres, they are making their way to all the local parks in and around Lincolnshire, IL. Here are some of their favorites:

Rivershire Park, IL: We like to walk natural trails and have scenic picnics in Rivershire Park. The lush 15 acres of restored floodplain forest and wet meadow create wonderful opportunities to spot wildlife and even take out a canoe or kayak on the Des Plaines River.

Spring Lake State Park, IL: This park fits a lot of amenities on its 8 acres. We can spend an entire day at Spring Lake State Park. Kids can play on the playground, and there’s a nice walking path that’s wheelchair accessible. Between June and August, you can swim at the swimming beach — lifeguards are on duty during the season. You can also catch some fish at the fishing pond or play tennis, volleyball or basketball at any of the available courts.

Ryerson Woods Conservation Area: Our neighbor across the Des Plaines River is a natural haven year-round. Even in the snowy winter, they open up their 6.5 miles of trails for cross-country skiing. Among the preserved northern flatwoods forest, there are delightful educational opportunities. Trail Tales is an interactive literature experience that brings a storybook to life in the wooded surroundings. And we adore watching the animals who live in the small farm and rain gardens. While this nature preserve is fascinating, it’s not the place to bring your pets or even your bicycle — they’re not allowed for the sake of the native wildlife.

Lincolnshire North Park: A large section of North Park is dedicated to sports fields, but the majority of the land is reserved for communing with nature. Sedgebrook residents especially appreciate the wheelchair-accessible path and ready drinking fountains. There are a variety of fun activities at this park like Boo Bash in the fall, with pumpkin decorating, a haunted house and a haunted trail. In the winter, there’s a Skate Night when kids can skate, and everyone can enjoy festive food and fireworks.

Visit Gorgeous Parks, but Don’t Park It

Scenic parks provide opportunities to take in the surroundings while enjoying a leisurely — or not-so-leisurely — stroll. Walking is one of the best exercises for older adults and — when you’re walking in a public park — it’s free. (Well, once you buy yourself the appropriate supportive footwear, then it’s free.) Everyone can experience the health benefits of walking, but some of them are particularly important benefits of walking for seniors.

  • Better Heart Health — Walking briskly boosts your heart rate. Regular aerobic exercise can reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol and can lower your risk for coronary heart disease.
  • Improved Mental Health — Exercise releases endorphins in the brain, which spark positive feelings and can reduce anxiety and depression.
  • Less Pain — Endorphins also lower perceived pain levels in the brain in a similar manner to morphine. Additionally, strengthening abdominal and back muscles while walking can ease back pain.
  • Lower Blood Sugar Levels — When you walk, your body uses the sugar in your system to strengthen muscles. Keeping your blood sugar within normal levels helps you avoid several illnesses, like kidney disease, vision loss and strokes.

With all the important health reasons to get moving, the residents at Sedgebrook are thrilled to be surrounded by the picturesque parks in Lincolnshire, IL, because we love to get our exercise within an enriching environment. And the cultural and educational opportunities ensure that each trip to the park is a new and fun experience.

If you’re interested in knowing more about our walking group or other fun outings we take around Lincolnshire, IL, fill out our contact form. We’d love to hear from you. names Sedgebrook a 2024 Super Star Honoree names Sedgebrook a 2024 Super Star Honoree

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Radford Green at Sedgebrook is award-winning by U.S. News & World Report

Radford Green at Sedgebrook is award-winning by U.S. News & World Report