Decorating Your Senior Living Apartment Home? Use These Top Paint Colors & Wallpapers of 2020

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One of the most exciting parts of moving into a senior living apartment is making it totally you. Hang up the family portraits and line the bookshelves with all your favorites to add that dash of personal zest to your new space. But did you know you can take it a step further? You can customize your senior living residence at Sedgebrook with designer-selected paint colors of 2020, wallpapers and finishes of your choosing. Before you get started, let’s get you up to speed on the paint color trends of 2020 and popular wallpapers to give you some inspiration.

Paint Colors 2020

  1. Classic Blue. Pantone said it themselves, so it’s official. Their chosen color of the year is “Classic Blue,” a timeless color that makes people feel calm, confident, dependable and stable. A strong blue color is also symbolic of knowledge and the vastness of water and sky.
  2. Navy Blue. Sherwin-Williams announced “Naval” as their color of the year. Similar to classic blue, it evokes calmness, encourages grounding and exudes confidence. If you decorate your senior apartment with deep blues this year, you’re sure to be the trendiest resident in the community.
  3. Sage Green. Behr’s selected color of the year is called “Back to Nature S340-4,” a soft and invigorating shade of green. Another calming color, Behr described it as “gracious and balanced.” This color could certainly be used in large amounts, or represented in the form of plants.
Sedgebrook Senior Living Bedroom furnished

Wallpaper Trends of 2020

  1. Palm Leaves on a Punchy Color. Palm leaves are in, and not just in the form of Hawaiian shirts. Wild wallpaper makes for a fun powder room, or an unexpected twist on a dining room wall. Look for one with a bright color underneath, like coral, lime or aqua, and the classic palm leaf print over top. Sometimes you can even find options with jungle animals, like flamingos, leopards, or toucans perched within the leaves –– designs that are sure to attract attention and keep everybody smiling!
  2. Geometric Patterns. You can’t really go wrong with a geometric pattern. They provide order and structure to a room. Harsh angles on the wall give you the option to play with round furniture shapes or playful textures. Lines can also do a lot to make a room appear larger. Stick to a black and white geometric wallpaper as a neutral palette, and play with adding pops of color to the room as frames on the wall or in decorative items. Or, find a fun, colorful geometric wallpaper and use it as the statement piece in the room.
  3. Murals. Mural wallpaper is definitely an interesting choice, but can actually fade into the background and serve as a neutral wall if the right color scheme and mural scene are chosen. A mountainscape or ocean horizon in grayscale provides the perfect canvas for you to add bigger pieces to the room and color in other places. Mural wallpaper full of color or smaller details would serve better in a smaller space, like a powder room or backsplash.
Apartment view

Are you dreaming of a senior apartment decorated with the trendiest colors and wallpapers of 2020? We hope the gears are turning, because at Sedgebrook, we’re all about choices, starting with your selection of residence. Your Sedgebrook interior designer will help you turn your design ideas into a comfortable reality. Check out our floor plans, and start choosing which wall you’ll paint Classic Blue, and which room you’ll accent with mural wallpaper.

How to Furnish a Senior Living Apartment

How to Furnish a Senior Living Apartment